Who is Tae Bond???

Tae Bond is a ‘wonder-of-passion’ when it comes to Personal Training. Not only is Tae a Certified Personal Trainer, but Body Combat, Boot Camps, Cycling Instructor, and Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor. Though she loves everything of health and training, Tae’s heart and life’s real work is to share the art and health of Yoga.

Tae Bond, also has a grounded Spiritual Nature that nurtures the inner-fulfillment aspects of one’s consciousness. Many people have self-direction and lack-of-motivation that hinders their self-worth and inner growth. Tae offers a very special technique of Life Coaching which brings back balance and focus in a person’s life. A person that goes through the Life Coaching will feel a new sense of empowerment they didn’t thing was achievable.

Tae has a vast resume of experience that revolves around everything health and inner health living. At the young age of 44, with two gorgeous boys, whom she shares her passion with, Tae still trains as if she is in her twenties. Her hard work and devotion shows with her muscular detail and her outward glow that is inviting to every person and client she encounters. Tae is that person you aren’t afraid to approach and ask how to train.

Amazing past and current accomplishments …

• Certified First Aid, CPR, and AED
• 1992: Graduate: Irene’s Myomassology Institute
• 2002: Competed in the NPC Classic Fitness reaching 2nd and 4th place finishes!
• 2003: Began studying and training in Yoga
• 2008: Traveled to Mexico to learn the art and culture of Bikram Yoga
• 2008: Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor; Instructed in Agoura Hill, CA
• 2013: Certified Personal Trainer for a Rehab Center; Malibu, CA
• 2015: Certified Yoga Instructor for Kids
• 2016: Founded Quantum Yoga for Kids

Tae Bond is extremely passionate and has dedicated her life to Personal Training and Yoga. When Tae trains with a new or current client, she insiste the client get healthy together. As a profound and compassionate advocate for woman and children, Tae loves to share by giving her gift of Training/Yoga knowledge to Adults and children alike.